Yoga  for working professionals at Prana Hills of Yoga

Yoga for working professionals at Prana Hills of Yoga

By Shri. Nidhish J Nidhiri ( Director–Faculty, Prana Hills of Yoga )


            Work from home facility at Prana Hills promotes the rejuvenation of the body and the relaxation of the mind through the practice of yoga and meditation. In current situation working professionals faces time management issues, difficulty in balancing professional and personal life which leads to stress and tension. Also working long hours in sitting position leads to tension in shoulders neck, back. Metabolism slows down 90 percent after 30 minutes of sitting. So this program is an antidote to the stresses of modern-day life. Our program helps to calm the mind, increase your concentration and gives the ability to cope with tension in your day to day life. This program allows you to work along with the practice of yoga, meditation techniques and healthy diet.

How to create a flow in your life

            By practicing yoga and meditation techniques which we provide here, you learn how to combine materialism and spirituality together to make your life happy and blissful. Here we are breaking the sedentary lifestyle by achieving the flow of life.

Action in relaxation

            The word relaxation means do not allow any toxins in your body and be free from toxic mind. The technique DRT helps you to relax your whole body and mind which helps to perform your job in a relaxed way.

Work life balance

            Our program improves awareness, awareness of yourselves, your habits, your emotions, your limits and your strength. Our program helps you to develop a habit of consistent practice of asanas and meditation along with your job. This helps to create a work life balance.

How to breathe properly.

            Normally, we are using a small percentage of our lungs. By practicing our sectional breathing and exercises we help you to increase your lungs capacity, and thus more oxygen to the blood and brain which gives you more energy for your day to day activities.

            The yogic science of breath says “when the breath moves, mind also moves, when the breath is still, mind is also still. By knowing this secret, the practitioner is consciously controlling his breath and thus controlling his mind”. Breath is the king of mind, by taming the mind we learn to react calmly in demanding situations. In stressful situations usually our breath lost its rhythm. But once you learn the art of breathing, the breath will find its own rhythm.